Meet Isaac
Meet Isaac

Starbucks Singapore

Starbucks Goodie Grab


As part of its annual strategic marketing plan for Starbucks, Meet Isaac was tasked to conceptualise and strategize an interactive way to recruit members and increase member engagement to drive incremental sales.

To meet Starbucks’ objectives, Meet Isaac conceptualised a gamification campaign inspired by arcade style games such as the popular Claw Machine that most people are familiar with. To attract participation and game play, the game must be easily understood and intuitive with minimal coaching.

During a one month campaign for the Starbucks Goodie Grab, the campaign achieved phenomenal success and garnered over a million game plays and met all its intended objectives for acquisition and incremental sales.

Engagement rates were also high as members who have played shared tips on their social media pages on how to win the more attractive prizes.

Overall, the campaign was well received and a huge hit.

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