Meet Isaac
Meet Isaac

1 March 2022

We Celebrated Valentine’s Day Together, Virtually

Valentine’s Day may be over, but we had an amazing time celebrating together on Google Meets. Here's how it went.

Fun, fun and more fun!

Since the pandemic started, it’s been harder for the Meet Isaac team to come together and build camaraderie amongst team members—we’re sure many companies feel the same way. And we wanted to have fun together again like we did pre-pandemic.

With that in mind, a group of us secretly planned for a fun afternoon of games, which we could all participate in the comfort of our own homes. THANK YOU, TECHNOLOGY.

Lucky for us, the organising team managed to snag some pretty attractive prizes to get our colleagues all the more excited about! 

You Got Game?

Getting your audience engaged on a virtual call is hard enough, what more an interactive game that requires active participation! 

We made things easy, yet competitive

What we did was make the games relatively easy to play. As users ourselves, we’d be quickly put off if virtual games were too difficult to participate in! However, we still had to make things fun, so we drastically reduced the number of participants eligible for the next round after every game to add a little bit of ✨ drama ✨ for our very competitive colleagues. Yes, all of you.

Attractive prizes attracts the right audience

When it comes to prizes, it can be a little subjective as to how ‘attractive’ it is—but who doesn’t want to win pottery classes or restaurant vouchers for free? Amirite.

Since it was Valentine’s Day, it’s only right that each prize came in a pair, and that’s what we did! Each winner was given the opportunity to share their prizes with one other person—what a way to make everybody else fight for another chance at enjoying the prizes! 

Everyday is a Good Day for Some Affirmation

We’re not sure about you, but sometimes all we need is some words of affirmation. So that’s what we did. 

We wrote, designed, and printed affirmation stickers for water bottles that we gave out to everyone! This water bottle quickly became our ‘office water bottle’ because we get to remind ourselves of the affirmations when we’re working ❤️

A Video to Wrap Everything Up

What does love mean to our colleagues at Meet Isaac? Some of our colleagues shared that love is in everyday life, like little acts of service, or that it can be as simple as loving yourself.

Have a watch here, and let us know what love means to you!

(An entry by Dina, our Content Specialist)



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