Meet Isaac
Meet Isaac

23 April 2021

Video Trends You Need to know – Part 1

By Isaac

As we live in a digital world saturated with marketing content, we see a trend of brands steadily increasing their reliance on video marketing as a strategy.

It is now more important than ever that brands not only adopt video marketing as their primary strategy; they also have to ensure that it stands out from the rest and engages their audience.

In the first of this 2-part series exploring video trends, we explore some of the best practices that brands should consider adopting to take full advantage of this versatile marketing format.


Every single day, we are churning out content, ideas, briefs, copies, game mechanics. What if some days, you just CAN’T think of new ideas no matter how many breaks you took in a day, and how many cat videos you’ve scrubbed through? 🧠💨

Valentine’s Day may be over, but we had an amazing time celebrating with our colleagues (safely) on Google Meets. Keep reading to see how it went!

Move aside, IDK and LOL, there’s a new acronym that’s taking the world by storm. NFT.  Everyone’s talking about it but what exactly is it about? If you haven’t heard about the new IT thing that’s all the rage in the digital space, it’s time to step out and discover