Meet Isaac
Meet Isaac

23 July 2021

The Rise of AI Influencers

By Isaac

As the market becomes increasingly saturated, customers are starting to expect more from brands, such as a personalised and authentic experience. One way that some brands are doing this, is by creating AI influencers who front campaigns and can be personified in any manner that is relatable to the audience.

  1. We’ve watched robots and artificial intelligence take over the world in the movies. Did you know that the future is already living amongst us? K-pop label SM Entertainment debuted their first AI-rookie girl group, Aespa, in late 2020.

  2. Are you able to differentiate who is real and who is not? Take the test and delve into the new age of digital marketing.

  3. In this deck, we also take a closer look at who these AI influencers are and the impact they have on the marketing industry. Have you heard of any of them?


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