Meet Isaac
Meet Isaac

21 July 2021

Reimagining The New Reality

By Isaac

With the effects of the global pandemic taking a toll on individuals and businesses, there’s no doubt many of us have been battling a crisis.

For many businesses, any decisions made during this difficult time will have lasting consequences and will be remembered by the customers. We certainly want that to be positive, marketing plans have to be well-executed through and through.

So how have businesses adapted to this new reality?
In this volume of MI Digest, we explore the following:

  • How different companies have innovated during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • A series of creative and organisational strategies that businesses can adopt during a crisis
  • Tips on making your social media strategy pandemic-proof

We have also prepared a worksheet as a helpful resource for you to refer to when adapting social media strategies for your brands. We are sure it’ll come in handy one day!


Every single day, we are churning out content, ideas, briefs, copies, game mechanics. What if some days, you just CAN’T think of new ideas no matter how many breaks you took in a day, and how many cat videos you’ve scrubbed through? 🧠💨

Valentine’s Day may be over, but we had an amazing time celebrating with our colleagues (safely) on Google Meets. Keep reading to see how it went!

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