Meet Isaac
Meet Isaac

7 June 2022

“Oops, I brain farted again!”: How Isaac Overcomes Mental Block

Every single day, we are churning out content, ideas, briefs, copies, game mechanics. What if some days, you just CAN’T think of new ideas no matter how many breaks you took in a day, and how many cat videos you’ve scrubbed through? 🧠💨

Ideas on Ideation

Don’t worry, grab a coffee or a Coke Zero! In this two-part series, we’ll share tips on how we come up with ideas and more importantly, how we BREAK this mental block with some “creative” solutions.  

To begin, the Creative Process contains multiple cycles of iteration—and with each phase, you move closer to a refined solution.

Depending on how preliminary this session is, set yourself enough time to thrash out the assumptions based on some basic, secondary research based on the brief or wishlists! 

Ideas can come in all forms and from anyone, that’s the magic of ideation ✨. Invite a mix of people from the different teams, pick their brains, and release the kraken.

Step 1: Set the ground rules

Yes boss, it gets “dry” here but by setting the foundation, you’ll get to have a good balance of structure and freedom to let your ideas reign free. Ngl, when we get creative, it’s normal to get a little bit messy too. LET THERE BE MESS! Thrive off that chaotic energy and create a safe space for crazy, stupid, wild ideas. 

Housekeeping can wait (ok maybe don’t draw on the walls lah, ain’t nobody wanna clean that up).


Wanna know some insider tips on how the content team keeps our ideas fresh? Read on:

“I usually think through work while showering and that’s the best time. The shower is my idea bank.” —This is how Shauna keeps it fresh, and wet. 💦

“I vacuum the floor. I’ll just step away and do something unrelated like housework, walk the dog, or reorganise my table hahaha then return to whatever I was working on with fresh eyes and fresh mind.”—Jasmine works on Magiclean, and we know why. 

“It’s best not to deal with it yourself but you can verbalise your ideas and share them with someone else. Then you both can build on each other’s ideas~”—No wonder Peiyi is a race pacer.

“Get out of your work space and take a break! Go for a walk, play wordle or take a nap to reset your mind ❤️”—You often find Cassie sinking into the bean bags.

Brainstorming should be an enjoyable process. Whether you’re working on social content or a full-fledged campaign, there’s ways to make your every ideation session more meaningful. 

Look out for Part 2 where we get REALLY creative with ideation. There’s a lot more to brainstorming than just the usual mind mapping and SWOT analysis! 


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