We are an eclectic bunch of ninjas committed to helping our clients solve their business conundrums digitally


Thinking in Progress

If you see someone deep in thought and looking lost, that’s probably our strategist conceptualizing yet another “Grand Plan.” Our very own Steve Jobs wannabe spends most of his / her time devising solutions to any problem presented by our clients with a well thought out action plan. After all, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.


Doodling in Progress

Our very own Picasso spends time doodling in her notebook for inspiration and bringing our clients’ visions to reality. Always meticulously curating a list of the latest trends, our artist ensures that your art piece doesn’t just look good but is up to date and practical. Function and form, uncompromised.


Head in the Clouds

We mean it literally. If our techie isn’t banging away on his keyboard in languages unknown to most of the human race, he’ll be spending time in the code cloud; meditating to CSS, javascript, html, SQL and the likes. If he’s not responding to your lunch invites, you’ve probably lost him in the cloud. Best to check back later.


Your Best Confidante

The vacant desk in the office is most probably our synergist’s. He is always on the go or on the phone, ensuring that the project is moving along and meeting deadlines. He’s our client’s go-to guy and also the problem solver in the office. He’ll be your best person to confide in and get the job done.


Busy Crunching Numbers

From numbers to charts and reports, our data junkies form the crux of our clients’ business growth, by getting to the bottom of their data, the insights gleamed from analysis of the clients’ data enable the team to better advice clients on the underlying business issues and the recommended approach to solve issues. After all, numbers don’t lie.